Good Leather Shoes, Sriperumbudur

The manufacturing facility which commenced in the year 2007 is situated just 40 kilometers away from Chennai Airport, making it strategically located for efficient logistics and accessibility to a skilled workforce. Boasting a state-of-the-art infrastructure, the facility stands at the forefront of technological advancement in the footwear industry.

This versatile composite unit is equipped to produce a wide array of footwear, ranging from uppers to full shoes. The production capabilities encompass both cemented and PU direct injection constructions, showcasing the facility's adaptability to varying customer demands and preferences.

The state-of-the-art nature of the facility ensures that manufacturing processes are efficient, leading to heightened productivity and superior quality products. This modernity also allows for the integration of innovative designs and cutting-edge production techniques, setting the facility apart from competitors.

The proximity to Chennai grants the facility numerous advantages, such as proximity to transportation networks and raw material suppliers. Additionally, it enables swift distribution and export opportunities to cater to both domestic and international markets.

Experience the fusion of Innovation and Craftsmanship.