Good Shoe Component - Sriperumbudur

Good Leather Shoes, Sriperumbudur-GSC

Since 2008, our exclusive factory excels in Component making and PU pouring shoes / sandals production, strategically located near Chennai Airport for efficient global distribution.  

This factory which commenced in the year 2008 holds the distinction of being an exclusive hub for Component making and PU pouring shoes / sandals production.  

The factory specializes in manufacturing various footwear components including Heels, Insoles, TPR & TR soles and EVA stock-fitting, ensuring precision and quality in each produced component. Additionally, it excels in the production of shoes and sandals with the PU pouring method, known for creating durable and comfortable footwear.

By focusing on component manufacturing, the factory becomes a crucial player in the footwear supply chain, catering to the needs of other footwear manufacturers. Its proficiency in the PU pouring technique further enhances its versatility and reputation in the industry.

Located with the proximity of an hour drive from Chennai Airport, allows for streamlined import of raw materials and export of finished products, making the factory an ideal choice for both domestic and international markets.

Experience the fusion of Innovation and Craftsmanship.