Good Leather Shoes, Noombal

This manufacturing facility which commenced in the year 2002 is conveniently situated within Chennai, providing easy access to transportation networks and skilled labor. A mere 45-minute drive from the Chennai Airport, its strategic location ensures efficient logistics and seamless import and export opportunities.

The facility's production capabilities cover a comprehensive range covering Kids, Ladies & Men’s. This versatility allows for the creation of diverse footwear styles, catering to various market demands and preferences.  
A fully functional footwear testing laboratory in-house support the footwear division with all applicable tests in quick turn-around time.  

Moreover, the unit houses an accessory division within its campus, further enhancing its capabilities. This division is dedicated to producing various footwear accessories, complementing the main footwear production process. Such integration enables a one-stop solution for footwear manufacturers and streamlines the supply chain.

Being located within Chennai, a bustling metropolitan city, also provides the advantage of easy access to suppliers, raw materials, and a skilled workforce. This fosters a conducive environment for growth and innovation within the footwear industry.

The proximity to the Chennai Airport is a boon for both domestic and international business dealings. It facilitates timely deliveries, expedites import of raw materials, and optimizes the export of finished products to global markets.

Experience the fusion of Innovation and Craftsmanship.